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Seismic Design Procedures Manual
Seismic Design Procedures Manual
Understanding Mechanics of Solids

For practicing engineers (to ASCE/SEI 7-16; IBC 2018)

This book covers the seismic structural design of buildings of moment resisting frames, shear and bearing walls, braced frames, and combinations of these systems, of reinforced concrete, reinforced masonry, and steel, and for conceptual, preliminary, and final design. Diaphragm design and foundation design are also included. Explanations and reviews are presented where deemed appropriate. The preliminary and final design procedures are with respect to the special ductility requirements only. The final design procedures presented are compliant with IBC 2018, ASCE 7-16, and the main documents they refer to (i.e. ACI 318-14; TMS 402-16; TMS 602-16; AISC 341-16; AISC 358-16). (231 pages; 17 Chapters). The book may also be of use to statutory approvals agencies, and those responsible for preparing Terms of Reference for structural engineers (i.e. achitects and project managers). The Table of Contents can be viewed via the following link:

Table of Contents

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The book refers to a set of spreadsheet programs that implement the seismic design procedures. For a limited time, these 16 spreadsheets, packaged as 4 workbooks, are included in the email when the AC is delivered. The spreadsheets cater for the following:

RC Shear Walls; RC Bearing Walls; RC Beams; RC Columns; RC Joints; Shear Wall Boundary Element Legs; RM Shear Walls; RM Bearing Walls; Masonry Compressive Strength Estimator; Steel Moment Resisting Frames; Steel 8ES Connections; Steel 4E Connections; Building Base Shear; Building Inter-Story Shear; Axial Loads on Vertical Segments of Perforated Shear Walls; Axial Loads, Moments and Shear Forces on Vertical Segments of Perforated Shear Walls.

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