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Understanding Mechanics of Solids
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Understanding Mechanics of Solids
A Student-Centered Approach
The Mechanics of Solids is the foundation of civil engineering, especially structural engineering. It is often the first analytical university course specific to a civil engineering degree that is taught to students. Therefore, the mindset of the student is still based on high school science whereas they have embarked into a new world - the engineering world, which has its own language and objectives.

Having been associated with the teaching of Mechanics of Solids over many years, the author has observed that textbooks on Mechanics of Solids, typically do not address this language gap and employ terms without giving the student sufficient context and perspective on the significance of those terms. This tends to result in the student cramming the materials instead of coming away with a more thorough understanding of the subject.

This book, comprised of 12 chapters over 146 pages, is meant to close this gap between rote learning and understanding. This is done by relating Mechanics of Solids to the various types of objects of interest to engineers, and how those objects are related, using a systems approach. This provides an information structure thus making it easier for the student to see the relationships between the various topics under study. Hence the approach taken in this book is described as student-centered.

This book is not meant to replace any textbook used as part of a course in Mechanics of Solids, but rather to complement the textbook in the form of additional explanation. It is recommended that upon covering a particular topic in the textbook, the student use this book as well to review the same topic. Then the student should attempt any problems they need to solve.

This book can also be used by professionals, or students in the later stages of their training, as a ready reference or reminder of critical ideas and procedures.

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Table of Contents

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